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Space Marvel – Project Review




Space Marvel is the first NFT game integrated with Multi-chain technology with Play to Earn mechanism on BSC. The game is a skill-to-earn gameplay following the autobattlers genre with exclusive NFTs collections of heroes, spaceship and space stations. Players will play as the role of gods to form the strongest team-comp to defeat other forces and conquer the Universe.

Project USP: 

Multi-chain support, roburst social features, advanced anti-inflation mechanisms, various gameplays

Project Trivia:

Our game is already fully live! 


Project Founders: 

Addy Le

Mr. Addy Le

Mr. Addy Le has over 6-year experience in high-tech projects and 3-year experience as a hands-on experiencer, participating in many top 1 trending games on AppStore and Google Play.


The project’s token is called $SVE, with a market cap of $438,000, Max Supply: 1,000,000,000 and an initial token circulation of 32,200,000 and the project is valued at $15,000,000

Funding and Lead Investors: 

Age of Tank successfully raised funding in private round and their lead investors include UG Ventures, K300 Ventures.


Pitch Deck:

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