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Big Spender Alert! Ethereum Whale Drops $250M on ETH—$3,500 Incoming?

An Ethereum whale just bought $250 million worth of ETH in 4 days,

By Jim Haastrup

Why Vitalik Buterin Favors Layer-1 Blockchains Over Layer-2 Solutions?

Vitalik Buterin feels easier to deal with layer-1 bugs as compared to

By Dhirendra Chandra Das

Coinbase Giving SEC Reasons to Approve A Spot Ethereum ETF

Coinbase’s Chief Legal Officer announced that the company submitted a comprehensive 27-page

By Ebo Victor

Ethereum Cuts New ETH Issuance by 362,628 ETH Since The Merge, Becomes Deflationary

Ethereum has burned 1.4 million ETH since The Merge(Sept, 2022).

By Dhirendra Chandra Das

Here Are The Top 5 Altcoins To Keep An Eye Out For Before The Dencun Upgrade, According to Analyst

Key Insights Metis' strong ecosystem fund, upcoming mainnet launch, and staking campaign

By Adekunle Joshua

Ethereum Is Near $3,000, But Is “Detached From Reality,” Expert Warns

Ethereum price hits $3,000, but an expert warns it is "detached from reality."

By Jim Haastrup

Are We About To Enter An Altcoin Season? Here Are The Top 3 Signs

Key Insights The cryptocurrency market has been rallying steadily since the end of

By Adekunle Joshua

If You’re Curious, Here’s How Much It Would Cost To Take Down The Bitcoin and Ethereum Networks

Bitcoin and Ethereum are now considered highly resistant to 51% attacks, according to

By Jim Haastrup

Billionaire Investor Allocates $200Million to Bitcoin and Ethereum Amid Price Pump

Legendary entrepreneur Peter Thiel who was behind top companies like PayPal, SpaceX

By Dhirendra Chandra Das