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The Fall of Bitcoin: Trader that Predicted the Fall of Bitcoin Below $30,000 Reveals Another Shocking News




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Key Insights:

  • A crypto trader who revealed the bitcoin crash to below $30,000 has revealed another shocking news about how Bitcoin will go.
  • Capo gave a new hit-bottom for the bitcoin crash.
  • Capo also reveals a move to purchase STEPN if its price keeps dropping.

Crypto traders may have expected a piece of good news amidst the recent crypto collapse but instead received shocking news.

A trader and strategist revealed in a tweet that the bitcoin crash is not over yet! In his tweet to his 289,400 followers, the trader reveals that the collapse will be beyond $30,000 but not too far from $25,000.

The pseudonymous crypto analyst and trader pointed out how the transfer of BTC by a giant whale to a crypto exchange has affected bitcoin negatively. The analyst stated that the transfer of BTC by a large whale to crypto exchange is the primary force causing the collapse of BTC.

The user also cited how a large amount of Ethereum has also been transferred to a crypto exchange FTX. Invariably, ETH is collapsing and will be collapsing like BTC.

Further, Capo (the crypto-analyst) revealed a new bottom that BTC would hit. The user stated that Bitcoin would fall below $30,000 and hit $23,000 and $21,000, which is not good news for BTC traders!

As traders wait for more shocking news, Capo reminds them of the fall in 2018 when Bitcoin ceded the $6,000 level, and we should expect a similar fate this time.


“If you remember 2018, you know what happened once it broke the $6,000 support.”

When writing this article, Bitcoin is priced at $27,172 and is down by 12%, which is the first time it has hit this low bottom below $30,000 since July 2022.

Capo gave a final wrap on his discussion by highlighting the move-to-earn protocol STEPN {GMT} as the altcoin he is eyeing and is willing to purchase soon; STEPN gives users NFT{Non-Fungible Tokens} stickers and will reward them for taking real-life steps. However, Capo will only move on with the purchase if the price drops.



STEPN has experienced a 3,500% increase since its launch in March – It rose from $0.11 to $3.97.