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These 15 Exchanges to Support Cardano’s Vasil Hardfork




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Vasil is scheduled for September 22. As indicated by the IOHK team, 15 of the most liquid ADA exchanges confirmed compatibility with the new version of the Cardano network.

Binance, OKX,, BitMart, Bitcub Official, Bitmark Exchange, and Litebiteu have reported their readiness. Others also include; MEXC, Bitrue, BKEX, WhiteBit, and AAX

As the IOG team reported at the time, one of the key indicators they were waiting for to set a date for Vasil was confirmation by at least a minimum share of the most liquid ADA exchanges. The exchanges must report if their platforms are ready to operate on the new version of the Cardano network.

In addition to those mentioned above, the reports also reveal that nodes have already created 94% of the blocks on the leading network with version 1.35.3. This node already includes the necessary preparations for the arrival of Vasil, one of the most important indicators to ensure a smooth transition to the next version of the network.

Additionally, many of the DApps that operate on Cardano have also carried out the respective compatibility tests, among which DeFi services with high liquidity stand out.


Vasil Hardfork Scheduled for September 22

The IOG team confirmed that Vasil would arrive at Cardano on September 22. This is after confirming that the most recent tests had been successful, and the main creator, Charles Hoskinson, assured that there would be no more delays.

It’s worth noting that the update will come three months after its first proposed arrival date. It has been rescheduled twice this year due to compatibility and code issues in the later stages.

In a thread of tweets posted by IOG, the development team reiterated that Vasil would be one of the biggest updates to Cardano.

Whales Increase Their Activity on Cardano

The number of Cardano’s purchased assets is rising as it ranks among one of the ten most traded coins.

Cardano has been gaining momentum lately and trading at $0.49 per coin – a 473% increment in the last 24 hours.

ADA price chart

ADA price chart | TradingView 

With so much anticipation for the upgrade, it’s great to see that Cardano is looking forward.





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