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Top Crypto Analyst Predicts $100K Bitcoin (BTC) By 2023




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Jurrien Trimmer, Mike McGlone, and Tone Vays — all crypto analysts — predict that Bitcoin will rise above $100,000 by 2023. 

However, one of the predictions that have generated buzz is the tweet by CrediBULL Crypto. That a bear market will follow the all-time high and crash to $10,000.

CrediBULL Predicts Bitcoin To Surge Above $100,000

CrediBULL predicted BTC’s rise to $100,000 in 2023. Yet his claim of a fall to about $10,000 seems unacceptable to most experts. 

A certain Mr. ParaBULLic Tweeted, “Can’t wait to buy $btc bottom at $10k in 2024/25.” CrediBULL then replied that the crypto market would return to its glory days, followed by a bear market. 

However, they predict that it will begin in 2023 instead of 2025, earlier tweeted by Mr. ParaBULLic. 

In another Tweet, CrediBULL replied to a Twitter user who questioned it for predicting a crash in 2025.  

Eric Christopher Tweeted and asked why CrediBULL thinks there will be a crash in 2025. He also added why they think it will be worse than the 2022 crash. (Honest Qs.)” 

CrediBULL had to refer Eric back to the Tweet and attach a video. The Tweet shows where it earlier predicted that the bear market would come after Bitcoin had risen to $100,000.

He added that the Bear market would see the value of Bitcoin drop to about $10,000 to $14,000.

It gets more confusing with a prediction that within a year, Bitcoin will rise to an ATH of $100,000 and drop to $10,000. 

A Twitter user @crypto_rond said, “100k to 10k just in 2 years looks a bit unrealistic bro….”

In a Tweet by the crypto analyst, the crypto market had had all its previous drawdowns on BTC within a year.  More than 10-minutes, he believes 2 years is too much for such a turnaround to occur. 

Previous Predictions By Crypto Analyst

You would recall that in April 2021, CrediBULL Tweeted and predicted that the price prediction of XRP would rise to about $589 at the end of the bull run. 


This prediction, however, seemed totally wrong because the all-time high price value cap of XRP stood at a far $3.84. CrediBULL, however, Tweeted to clarify that predictions are not set in stone or guaranteed to happen. 


CrediBULL predicts and strongly stands by the prediction that BTC will reach an all-time high value of $100,000 in 2023. 

The boom will then be followed by a bear market falling from about $10,000 to $14,000. Some experts and Twitter users, however, disagree with the crypto analyst’s predictions. 

The major disagreement is on the predicted bear market that will crash the price value of BTC to $10,000.