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Top NFT Play-to-Earn (P2E) Games to Consider for Passive Income




Top NFT Play-to-Earn (P2E) Games to Consider for Passive Income

Play to earn games have become an important aspect of the NFT space. This type of game is a blockchain game that rewards people with monetary rewards for navigating through the terrain and carrying out different tasks. It could involve raising a creature, fighting a battle, and doing different tasks.  

Below are some of the popular NFT games that can be accessed. 

  • Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a play to earn game that has grown in popularity in recent times to the extent that some players play the game full-time. For instance, some residents of the Philippines consider navigating through the Axie Infinity space as a full-time job. It involves breeding and trading Axies, which are digital pets.

  • The Sandbox

The Sandbox is one of the popular play to earn games in existence that reminds one of Minecraft except that it comes with an earning opportunity. It allows users to customize their experience. The Sandbox contains a high level of development tools allowing developers and players to churn out different types of game modes. 

  • SolChicks

SolChicks reminds us of Axie Infinity because gamers have to breed some creatures and carry out different tasks, except that it is based on Solana. 

It is a newer version of a play to earn game that comes with intriguing earning opportunities. 

  • DeFi Kingdoms

This uses NFTs to create a role play game, where you develop your avatar, which doubles as your hero, control different in-game assets, and battle for rewards. 

It is a lore-based game and runs on the Harmony blockchain.   

  • Gods Unchained 

This is an NFT card game that rewards users from showing their skillets. Users can sell these cards for money on an NFT Marketplace for fiat or crypto.


Rose Nnamdi is a crypto content writer that loves drafting content on cryptocurrencies and innovative platforms building on blockchain technology.

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