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Vmates – Project Review





Vmates is an NFT-based social GameFi platform where users can play with virtual pets in a gaming metaverse. Vmates aims to provide people with a new lifestyle and create a new way to meet new friends. Meanwhile, players can earn token rewards in the game and bring NFT into their daily life. 

Project USP: 

  • Our goal at Vmates is to bring the Web 2.0 traditional gaming masses to Web 3.0 🕹🎮
  • Our goal is to bring a fun, engaging and successful metaverse gaming world to our Vmates community while offering a World of fun and engaging gaming opportunities backed by strong economic incentives.

Project Trivia:

The most limited edition pet available on the platform so far is Emma the amazing kug fu Panda 🐼 She is currently the strongest pet in Vmates!

Project Founders: 

Yuan- Founder & Marketing Director Former marketing manager from NewBloc Capital, major in Sustainable Management from the University of Minnesota, with unique insights into project management and business model establishment. Yuan has been involved in digital currency since 2013, and served as a marketing consultant, providing effective growth consulting services for many well-known blockchain projects including serval Top 20 projects. During the service period, the market value of the projects all achieved significant growth. 



The project’s token is listed on PancakeSwap. Find out more about token here.

Lead Investor: 

Their lead investors include Pluto Digital, Vendetta Capital, Moonrock Capital, Magnus Capital, Next Block Accelerator, Marshland Group

Pitch Deck:


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