5 Best stocks to Buy in the Metaverse in 2022

5 Best stocks to Buy in the Metaverse in 2022

The Metaverse is an online domain that provides users with a virtual environment that imitates the physical environment. It could be called a programmable universe where physical assets or users exist as digital twins. Metaverse incorporates disruptive technologies like cryptocurrency, blockchain and AI, together with 3D designs that completely imitate the real world.

Although Metaverse was first used in 1992, it is beginning to gain popularity due to the ever-continuous digital advancements. Several companies have seen the future of the Metaverse and are beginning to key into this opportunity for themselves. Likewise, investors are keying into this opportunity to invest in Metaverse by buying stocks. 

Top Metaverse stocks to buy

Are you confused about which metaverse stock to invest in?? We have highlighted the five best metaverse stocks to invest in.

Meta Platforms. Inc {FB}

We cannot list the best stocks to buy in 2022 without including Meta. Meta is at the forefront of digital realities—the CEO for Meta, Mark Zuckerberg recently disclosed that the company would be incorporating metaverse technologies into its feature to improve socialization among its users.

However, some investors believe that Mark is unwise in his decision to incorporate virtual realities into features of the company seeing that the company's stock was down by 46% in 2022. But considering Mark's financial decision so far- buying Instagram and WhatsApp and how they turned out, buying stock in Meta is a sure way to invest in Metaverse.


Micro-soft is another company keying into the opportunities in the Metaverse. Microsoft is focused on creating products that will enhance the virtual realities on its platform. One which is the HoloLens.

The HoloLens is the first generation of MSFT's augmented reality that creates 3D objects for users as though they were real. HoloLens sells for thousands of dollars, and it is one of the many products that Microsoft is releasing to enhance virtual reality on its platform.

Unity Software Inc.{U}

Any gamer should be familiar with Unity Software Inc. {U}. Unity software is the creator of one of the two major gaming engines. It employs top-notch developers and graphic designers to create content for its games. As a result, unity games sweep across all platforms: phones, laptops and virtual realities.

Considering Unity's market share of 70% in the gaming market, you can invest in Unity Software Inc. {U}. Unity is sure to propel itself forward and be a good investment for investors.

Roblox Corporation {RBLX}

Roblox Corporation is a gaming platform with most of its users around the age of 13. The platform provides games for several children and will be allowing for other games for them.

Roblox is seeking to harness the power of metaverse into its platform to make gaming experiences more memorable. In this bid, it allowed several developers to develop 3D games that will retain is users as they grow. When you consider this development {retaining users}, Roblox is sure to have large users in a short time- the growing and the grown users. So, it definitely is a stock you should invest in.

AutoDesk Inc. ADSK

Autodesk Inc. is a popular software application company that produces modelling software for several industries. The soft wares produced by AutoDesk become modelling structures for professionals to design their own objects and test run them.

Some industries where AutoDesk is vital are the engineering industry, architectural and entertainment industries. Considering that AutoDesk is creating modelling soft wares for industries to design projects, it is a sure bet if you invest in it. This is because heavy projects will be designed, and its soft wares will be high in demand.

To Wrap It Up

Metaverse is the latest investment for investors. Investing in the metaverse is purely by investing in its stock, buying virtual lands and virtual projects. However, the problem then lies in which stock to invest in. Thankfully, we have highlighted 5 Best Stocks to buy.

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