5 Ways AI Can Be Used to Create Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies

5 Ways AI Can Be Used to Create Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies

AI can do predictive analysis, execute automated trading, carry out risk management, analyze sentiments, and even do portfolio management with real-time reporting.

Key Insights:

  • AI can be used for making price predictions.

  • Automated trading bots can help you execute blazing fast trades.

  • Several platforms use AI to analyze market sentiments.

  • Finally, with AI traders can do much better portfolio analysis with real-time insights.

Artificial Intelligence is a very powerful tool for doing data-intensive tasks. For crypto traders it is no less than a boon. Traders can use it to not only automate their trades but also use the data processing power of AI to create top-performing strategies, identify early entry and safe exit points, and accurately analyze broad market patterns.

Here are five powerful ways to level up your trade with the power of artificial intelligence.

1. Predictive Analysis

Artificial Intelligence leverages the power of machine learning to easily identify chart patterns, and indicators to predict the future action of price with higher accuracy than humans. The ability of AI to identify patterns is far superior to most humans. A crypto trader can leverage AI tools as simple as ChatGPT to feed technical charts and get AI to analyze it.

To demonstrate how users can use it better, we fed the below Dogecoin weekly chart to ChatGPT.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Dogecoin Weekly Chart as on 11 May 2024</p></div>

Dogecoin Weekly Chart as on 11 May 2024


Within a few seconds, we got a reply which has been summarized below.

  1. There was high volatility in the market which was true as memecoins generally tend to be volatile.

  2. There was a lack of strong directional momentum which was true for the given data as Dogecoin only rallied in 2024 after a long gap of 3 years.

  3. ChatGPT also gave a warning to be cautious as RSI was relatively stable and MACD lines were about to show a negative divergence.

Though there was a lack of a clear buy/sell signal, the data that was obtained was sufficient to supplement your trading experience.

2. Automated Trading Bots

AI bots can help you automate your trade with pre-filled instructions. Based on your trading style, you could program the bot to enter and exit trades based on some pre-defined signals. Not only your entry and exit will be clean, and accurate, but you will also have far more resilience and hence better profits in your trades.

AI trading bots could also be used to maximize or minimize any one single factor such as profits or risk.

A single bot can keep a look at broad markets to identify emerging trends, chart patterns, and much more. Based on certain pre-programmed inputs, these bots can automatically execute trades, book profits, or cut losses.

Such automation makes sure that you never lose market opportunities.

3. Risk Management

We humans often tend to ignore small risks that blow up disproportionately in our faces. This is a common issue, especially in crypto trading. Most crypto traders suffer from inconsistency that wipes out their entire month's profits with a single loss.

Artificial intelligence provides a way to minimize those losses so that you retain these profits.

Traders just need to set alerts in their crypto trading with AI bots, and programs or integrate AI modules in their trading charts. These systems would alert them and possibly liquidate their trade before it goes severely wrong.

4. Sentiment Analysis

By using Natural Language Processing models, a trader can detect the overall market sentiment in seconds. NLP uses word and language patterns and analyzes data within a few minutes.

Traders can use it to analyze thousands of tweets, CMC comments, and article headings in news websites and understand the overall sentiment of the market. An NLP model can even show a composite score that traders could use to quickly understand market sentiments.

A well-known example of such an application is the Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index. This index is a well-known metric and is used by thousands of traders, analysts, and even by us to gauge market sentiments.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Fear and Greed Index by Alternative.me Uses NLP for Sentiment Analysis</p></div>

Fear and Greed Index by Alternative.me Uses NLP for Sentiment Analysis


5. Portfolio Management

Managing a portfolio is a very delicate task due to thousands of factors that constantly change. Understanding the combined effect of these factors might be an arduous task for humans but they are surely very easy for artificial intelligence.

The main task of any AI program is to process data and gain meaningful insights from them. In the case of portfolio management, AI can be the most potent tool. It can easily balance thousands of factors, summarize data, and check the suitability of a portfolio with the owner.

On top of all, it can take data from continuous data streams which would help crypto traders and investors to get access to real-time data.

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