Highly Paying Careers In The Crypto World

Highly Paying Careers In The Crypto World

The crypto world is filled with opportunities and job offers that will leave people with a income stream. This list details the highest-paying jobs available in the crypto space. 

  • Blockchain Developer

A blockchain developer is essential to the success of the crypto space since cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology. It is the job of the blockchain developer to create the infrastructure, write the code, ensure that the blockchain is secure and achieve much more.  

Usually, a Blockchain Developer must have programming experience to work in this space. They earn about $150,000 annually. 

  • Solidity Developer

Solidity developers are necessary because Ethereum was created with the Solidity programming language. Those that want to create a decentralized app on Ethereum need the services of this type of developer. This type of developer earns at least $80,000 annually.  

  • Security Architect

It is not news that hackers are always looking for opportunities to access a crypto platform. Blockchain Companies need the services of security architects to look for vulnerabilities that scammers can exploit. The aim is to improve the security of the platform.

Security architects tend to earn over $120,000 annually.  

  • UI/UX Designer

There is hardly a crypto platform that does not need the services of a UI/UX designer. Those who tick this box are usually experienced in creating the user interface of decentralized apps, ensuring user-friendly. This designer improves the user experience of these platforms. 

  • Software Engineer

The job of a software engineer is to code new products, get involved in programming, test out the functionalities of these products, maintain the code, ensure that the program is properly integrated into the platform's architecture, and so on. Software engineers in the crypto space earn over $120,000 annually.

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