How to Land a Web3 Job?

How to Land a Web3 Job?

I recently talked about what are the pros and cons of joining web3 full time. As it turns out, a lot of you were interested in knowing more about how I landed a job in web3 space. So today, I am going to share some practical tips around it.

But before we go down that road, I would urge you to evaluate the risk to reward ratio for yourself. Web3 could be quite daunting. Imagine your web2 job and quadruple the speed. That's how fast things change in this space. If you are someone who doesn't like to 'unlearn' stuff, it is going to be really hard for you. Because narratives change here every hour. 

The idea is not to scare you but to help you make a smarter decision. Let us unfold some of the tricks that I used to get into web3.

  •  Learn: No Tricks:

    A lot of people think that there is some gimmick involved here. And I don't blame them. The nature of the industry is such that it is hard to wrap your head around. Which is why people often overlook the power of learning. 

    I spent hours learning throughout my crypto journey. I still am. Even with the web2 job I had, I spent whatever free time I got after the office or on weekends to immerse myself into the web3 realm. 

    Apart from that, crypto is an absolutely new asset class. It is in no way related to stocks or any other asset for that matter. Therefore, a lot of re-learning is involved. 

  • No Tech, No Problem:

    Here's a sigh of relief for most of you. Even I am not a coder by profession. Obviously just like every tech product, devs play a pivotal role in this space. But, it is not limited to them. Web3 is full of non tech opportunities like:

    • Community builders
    • Content
    • Governance
    • Data analysis
    • Tokenomics
    • Design
    • Product management

The best part? It isn't limited to this. You can create your own field as well. There is a space for everyone right now.

  • Engage with Community:

    The entire vibe of the community is very different. Money alone will not make your product a hero here. You have to understand how the community interacts with each other, the slangs and the lingo. 

    For doing so, go join some cool DAOs (learnweb3, superteamDAO etc.). Hangout on Twitter spaces to understand the vibe. Join some telegram groups that talk about this space. 

  • Create Content:

    I attribute the largest chunk of my success to this habit. Creating content on web3 is extremely rewarding. Be it long form of writing, reels, twitter threads. You have the flexibility. Not only would this help you to build your own audience and carve a niche, it would also help you retain what you learn. 

  • Twitter Game:

    Everyone in web3 is on twitter, including recruiters. 

    Become good at using twitter 

    • Share your learnings on twitter
    • Create content
    • Engage with the experts
    • Have thoughtful discussions

Growing your twitter = standing out. Your twitter can act as your resume

  • Consistency:

    Your journey can be quite overwhelming at first. Everything is being thrown at you in a single shot. The Economics, History, Technology, Environment. It is all just too much. However, stick around and consistency will eventually do its  job. 

    There is ample content available for you to learn from. If something is hard, it is worth diving in deeper. 

  • Apply:

    Once you have understood your strengths in web3 space, double down! Start looking out for opportunities. There are multiple job boards available for you to find your next gig. 

    Some examples of these job boards are:


See you on the other side?

The current supply and demand imbalance is helping people get into web3 with massive pay hikes. This is likely to continue for a while as the adoption grows and FOMO takes over. What else is holding you back? Go give it a shot. Come to the 'dark' side. We don't have feds!

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