10 Things to About the Saga Smartphone by Solana

10 Things to About the Saga Smartphone by Solana

Key Highlights:

  • Solana launches its first-ever blockchain technology smartphone.
  • Known as Saga, the smartphone will offer a blockchain wallet to the users.
  • The smartphone will be available for public sale from 8th May, 2023.

Starting from the latest fashion companies exploring the Web3 space to the development of various apps, have we witnessed enough innovations? Here's more to come with Solana's Saga smartphone.

With smartphone features evolving with rapid technological advancement, Solana takes it a notch higher with its Saga smartphone, built on blockchain technology.

The company is currently distributing the smartphone to meet preorders, and it will soon be available for public sale from 8th May 2023.

Planning to grab it? Here are a few features that can excite you a bit more. 

A Sleek Smartphone Design

Though you might initially mistake the Saga smartphone for the Samsung Galaxy S23, its Titanium camera lens, enclosed within a triangular case on the back, is what distinguishes it.

The matte color finishes with a ceramic casing add a cherry on top, making it sleek and chic. If you are bored of the classic smartphone colors, this phone with green side buttons is sure to catch your eye.

What's more? The smartphone encloses a superior 4000 mAh battery with wireless charging options. 

Memory and Storage

The Android flagship smartphone is run by a Gen1 processor and supports 12 GB RAM. Needless to say, running large files and downloading heavy apps is like a cakewalk on this phone.

However, if you are hell-bent on not compromising on the memory and storage aspect of the phone, let's admit it falls behind Galaxy S23.

Remember, Saga is run by a Gen1 processor, while Galaxy S23 supports a Gen2 processor. However, if you can look past its memory and storage capacity, this smartphone might be a smart choice.

Superior Camera- Snap What You See

While we have seen mobile freaks go head-over-heels for the latest iPhone models for its superior camera lens, the Saga smartphone is not behind.

The 50 Megapixels dual camera lens is just perfect for snapping all that you like.

The smartphone also has a natural color balance mechanism that makes the shots look sharper than they are! Here's a chance to try your hand at some impeccable photography. 

Built on Blockchain Technology

Solana's Saga smartphone is built on blockchain technology. As a result, the smartphone leverages the decentralized nature of blockchain and allows users to access various decentralized apps through their phones.

The software of the phone is designed to run seamlessly on Solana's blockchain network. Thus, the smartphone opens a world full of possibilities for users through its decentralized nature.

Starting from gathering and exchanging digital coins to exploring new blockchain games, it lets you experience it all. 

An In-built Blockchain Wallet- Whaaaa?

Yes, Solana launched Saga with the first-time-ever blockchain wallet facility. Users can now directly store, manage and exchange crypto and other digital currencies through this phone.

In short, you do not require third-party apps or wallets to manage your digital currencies. Evidently, the smartphone offers greater autonomy to users by allowing them to handle and manage their own digital wallets. 

No Compromise on Security

The security features of a phone offering blockchain wallet facilities can seldom be ignored, and Solana has lived up to the users' expectations.

By installing biometric locks, facial recognition features, fingerprint locks, and security keys, there's no compromise on the phone's security.

These features help users protect their digital assets and maintain complete privacy of their digital currencies. 

Wondering when can you grab this super Saga smartphone? It's just a month's wait, and Solana will be all set to release the Saga smartphone for public sale.

And if you are looking for a smartphone with a giant computer's memory and efficiency, there's no doubt the Saga can be the best bet. 

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