What is a Crypto Game Guild?

What is a Crypto Game Guild?

The crypto gaming ecosystem offers game enthusiasts the opportunity to play and earn. There are different blockchain game guilds in existence and they are designed to provide different services. 

Usually, a play-to-earn game requires that a potential player have some minimum requirements before playing the game. For instance, Axie Infinity requires that a gamer has three Axies before they can navigate through its realm, and these creatures cost thousands of dollars, meaning that they are out of the reach of regular people. 

Does this mean that they can't enjoy the perks from playing Axie Infinity? No, this is where crypto game guilds come into play. A blockchain game guild comes with opportunities for its members. 

Firstly, they offer their community members access to the minimum requirements, which in the case of Axie Infinity, are three Axies. In return, they share the profits made from the players navigating through the terrain. 

Secondly, gaming guilds tend to train people on how to carry out different tasks in a game from breeding creatures to fighting battles and much more. There are a lot that can be attained in a game, and guilds tend to offer their players the tricks to achieve them. 

Gaming guilds may launch new games and offer their community members first access to them. Their gamers can test them out and even purchase the native tokens of the platforms before others. 

Fourthly, some game guilds are designed to allow their community members have access to GameFi features such as staking of NFTs. 

Fifthly, different crypto gaming guilds partner with investors that hold Axies and other important play to earn gaming NFTs, then offer them a percentage of the profits made. The opportunities are numerous.

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