What is COTI?

What is COTI?

COTI is the first-ever enterprise-grade digital fintech platform worldwide that ousts all intermediaries and enables organizations to build their payment solutions. The organizations can use Coti's Trustchain protocol to digitalize any currency. COTI is optimized to be suitable for merchants, governments, and stablecoin issuers.

According to the provider of the COTI payments system, the traditional finance system possesses several hindrances like merchant fees and cross-border barriers. They claim that the blockchain is not free from hassles either. Blockchain consumes a lot of energy, and the transaction process is slow, which results in delays, costs, and scalability issues.

COTI offers a block-less and miner-less network system, which deals with the issue of scalability. Unlike traditional blockchain, COTI uses the DAG (directed acyclic graph) protocol which has a specific flow direction and links every transaction with multiple other transactions. While traditional blockchain is a chronological list of transactions, the DAG protocol works as a tree with transactions acting as branches.

The "proof of trust" consensus system forms the basis of COTI's DAG protocol, giving it the name 'trustchain'. A transaction must authenticate two previous transactions within its trust score's range to become a part of the trustchain. Trustchain simultaneously connects transactions, due to which COTI can process 10,000 transactions every second, as opposed to Bitcoin's limit of approximately eight transactions per minute.

Based on several factors, a user's trust score is continuously updated. The factors that affect users' trust scores include the number of successful transactions, the frequency with which a person uses the COTI network, etc. If a user secures a higher trust core, he gets specific incentives like lower fees and lesser confirmation times.

History of COTI

Founded in June 2017, COTI has its headquarters at Line Wall Road in Gibraltar. COTI consists of a team of proficient experts from numerous professional backgrounds who share a common interest in blockchain, decentralization, and privacy. Proficients like engineers, developers, researchers, bankers, and other entities from several relevant industries form the team of COTI.

COTI aims to solve problems related to traditional trading services and blockchain networks. The developers of COTI have tried to deal with issues like regulations, security, high-energy consumption, lack of trust in the blockchain systems, etc. COTI offers its users a fast and exclusive DAG-based protocol and a scalable framework.

COTI aims to offer a decentralized payment network with which businesses can achieve maximum efficacy. It uses components like Trustchain, Multi DAG data structure, Proof of Trust, and Node Clusters to implement this plan.

Trustchain comprises the foundational technology that the COTI ecosystem and products use. It works on an exclusive machine-literacy-based agreement algorithm that significantly increases the transaction speed, and reduces the transaction costs. For this, the system pins trust scores to the data and groups them into chains. COTI assembles infrastructure, services, and network layers to build a customizable, comprehensive payments solution.

Multi-directed acyclic graph (DAG) data structure, facilitating scalability, forms the basis of Trustchain. Multi DAG is more like a graph that acts as a data modeling or structuring tool that records one transaction on top of the other. This allows multiple nodes to occur synchronously. COTI assembles infrastructures, services, and network layers to build a customizable and comprehensive payment solution.

Unlike Bitcoin's PoW algorithm, COTI uses PoT (Proof of Trust) as its consensus algorithm. While PoW uses mining,  PoT offers efficacy by allocating a trust score to each network user and using DAG to provide effective scalability.

MultiDAG Layer

The multi-DAG layer system of COTI will be clearer if we compare it with the Multi-DAG system of Ethereum. Both these systems consist of a common decentralized infrastructure that acts as a gateway to several tokens and smart contracts using a single native token to carry out the transactions.

With the use of Multi-DAG, COTI allows the token issuers to label their product distinctively and form a set of personalized rules per their requirements and use cases. With COTI Multi-DAG, the token issues get overall control over their network. This opens the door to unlimited instances and tokens without any network degradation.

These instances withhold all the characteristic features of the COTI ecosystem, like low fees, enhanced speed, privacy, regulatory compliances, scalability, privacy, etc. Thus, the transactions on this multi-DAG require fees in COTI, which leads to a hike in demand for the COTI coin, and hence adds to the value of the network.

MultiDAG 2.0

After releasing Truschain 2.0, COTI is working on an improved version of MultiDAG, labeled MultiDAG 2.0. This enhanced version will allow the users to issue their tokens on the Trustchain and simultaneously use them for transactions via several wallets like COTI pay and other supported networks.

COTI for Business

The digital finance solution for businesses and merchants forms the basis of COTI. COTI Pay is a digital platform for businesses and customers, where businesses decide the payment details. COTI can process almost all payment types- online and offline. Customers can choose from the given payment options, including cryptocurrencies, credit cards, and stablecoins.

Using the COTI network in place of the traditional methods offers several benefits to the users. With COTI, users can curb the processing fees and the expenses incurred on transactional operations. It helps businesses in increasing their market reach with the system of supporting several payment options.

One of the best features of COTI is that with COTI, companies have the authority to issue their own branded stablecoins. It is the first platform across the world that is optimized to suit stablecoin creation. With COTI, companies can pick an asset per their preference and peg their coin to that value.

COTI claims that it puts both the data and the money into the hands of the business customer, which removes the concerns about the trust and volatility that comes with cryptocurrencies. This stablecoins creation ability also reduces the costs for businesses by removing the factor of independence on external coins, thus removing the issue of high fees and transaction costs.

Several factors contribute to the uniqueness of the COTI network.

  • COTI is the first platform across the world that can create a stablecoin with balanced and durable prices. This allows users to create their stablecoin and have total control over their data.
  • The COTI platform prioritizes purchases in a system where the transactions to a certain user cannot be tracked. For this to be possible, COTI creates multiple addresses with a one-way hash for every scale.
  • COTI offers a secure platform as it makes every user go through the KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations. Plus, users must follow Anti Money-laundering Rules if they wish to join the COTI ecosystem.

Use Cases of COTI

For Consumers: The payment use cases rarely involve digital currencies due to their scalability challenges and relative complexity. So one of the main objectives of COTI's application is to offer digital currencies that the users can acquire and store at ease and use their fiat equivalents.

  • Wallets: COTI offers a multi-currency wallet as one of its main features. The wallets have an excellent user interface and offer instant and hassle-free access to the COTI payments network. They support numerous consumer payment use cases like P2P transactions with other COTI wallet users. It also offers wallet-to-wallet transactions.
  • Debit cards: COTI offers access to debit cards which the users can link directly to the COTI wallets. This enables the users to carry out transactions through their COTI wallets when dealing with users or merchants who haven't yet linked with COTI.

For Merchants

The members of COTI are keen on developing a suite of merchant tools and services that offer compelling features and benefits to the merchants. This makes COTI an imperative replacement for their existing payment options.

  • Processing tools: COTI is designing several efficient processing tools with which businesses will be able to process payments from COTI Pay wallet holders. With these tools, the merchants can send invites to the customers who visit the websites of COTI Pay-based merchants but do not have COTI Pay wallets. To add to it, the merchants can decide whether they wish to integrate their payment methods and websites with COTI Pay through an API or iFrame. Major e-commerce platforms like Shopify, eBay, and Magento support the integration process.

For Mediators

COTI is set to develop an application that would enable the mediators to accept invitations related to receiving and reviewing caseload data, placing wagers, and receiving payouts in COTI in case of successful contribution to the mediated outcome. This will deal with several issues and disputes in the network at any time.

The COTI Treasury: Deposit and Earn

The purpose of the COTI Treasury is to consolidate the rewards from the products and services of COTI's ecosystem into one platform. Like other lending platforms, you can deposit COTI tokens in a pool, and the Treasury will give you incentives for their stake. Launched in February 2022, the Treasury consists of 330 million COTI tokens as deposits. It is growing quickly with the money obtained via products and services of the COTI ecosystem.

You can deposit your COTI into the Treasury pool to stake them and increase your active deposits with more tokens whenever you wish. These deposits would earn an APY in Treasury rewards (COTI) based on the deposit multiplier and the lock period. To add to it, as a user, you will get the right to the COTI ecosystem and get a share of the overall treasury pool.

Once you have deposited these coins in the Treasury, you can add more COTI coins or withdraw your deposits and the rewards you've earned. After completing a set locked period, you can be eligible to set a new lock period, generally extending up to 30 days, 90 days, six months, or even a year.

The native token for the COTI ecosystem is the COTI coin, a DAG-based cryptocurrency. The total supply of COTI accounts for 2 billion. The network security for the COTI coin doesn't need PoW mining. Instead, it works on mainnets like Trustchain, Ethereum, and BNB chain.

  • Trustchain: It serves as COTI's native mainnet.
  • Ethereum: We can also find COTI as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network. You can trade it on several crypto exchange platforms and use it in DeFi DApps.
  • BNB Chain (formerly known as Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain): These are COTI's BEP-2 and BEP-20 versions.


  • Token sale: Token sale refers to private and public sales with a locked-up period of 24 months. It attributes to thirty percent of the total token supply.
  • Reserve: COTI kept 22% of the token's total supply in reserve. This reserve contributes to the enhancement of the growth and stability of the network. Moreover, the COTI holders can purchase tokens that will be released from the reserve in the future.
  • Team: For their early involvement and consistent efforts to maintain stability in the network, the COTI team members are also given tokens as incentives.
  • Partners and Advisors: 10% of the total supply is given to the partners and advisers as a symbol of recognition of the resources that they contribute to the development of COTI projects
  • Validators and users: To recognize the early participation of the network validators and users, 13% of the token supply is granted to them.
  • Liquidity: 10% of the total token supply is set aside to provide liquidity to the thriving market of COTI.

How to Buy COTI

Open an online account

The first step to purchasing COTI is to open an account with the exchange or broker that supports COTI. You can choose platforms like Binance, Changelly, KucCoin, Gate.io, etc. The platforms would require certain details like your email address, and further identification proof based on your place of residence.

Buy a wallet (optional) 

Despite this being an optional step, you might want to consider the options for storing your investments before you start investing in COTI. While software wallets offer convenience and are free of cost, hardware wallets top the list in terms of security. If you are not in for active trading, you must opt for a hardware wallet. This goes specifically for those who are in for larger, long-term-based crypto investments. As you can disconnect hardware wallets from the internet, these serve as more secure wallet systems.

Make your purchase.

Once you are done with the previous steps, you are all set to purchase COTI. You can influence the size of your position as per your risk tolerance level. However, remember that you must not allocate too much capital to any single altcoin.

What Is the Future of COTI Like

The Fintech industry is the top targeted market of COTI. Since several projects in this industry have failed to solve the cross-border and other payment-related issues that come from traditional and blockchain payment systems, this serves as a huge market need. COTI has the potential to have a great market share and offer efficient payment services. However, the platform is yet in its infancy, and to attain complete scalability, it requires widespread adoption by merchants, market makers, and mediators.


While COTI is emerging as one of the preferred cryptos, you can never be too sure about it being 'good'. This is because the prices of mid-cap cryptos like COTI are quite inconsistent. So before you choose COTI, you must conduct thorough research and follow your investment strategy accordingly. .

COTI, or the Currency Of The Internet, is the world's first enterprise-grade digital fintech platform. The three mainnets that COTI is based on include Ethereum, Trustchain, and BNC (Binance Chain). The COTI platform aims to solve the problem of cross-chain payments. It merges the concepts of traditional financial services with blockchain technology to remove the problems related to both platform types.

Yes, you can easily purchase COTI on several popular crypto-exchange platforms.

COTI aims to offer a decentralized platform that merges the traditional financial service systems with blockchain technology to oust the disadvantages of both platforms and bring in the good of both systems. It is optimized to support the creation of price stable coins. Merchants and businesses can use COTI to create their own branded stablecoins and possess complete control over their money and data. As for individuals, they can either trade COTI to achieve potential gains or opt for staking, which would give them annual percentage reward benefits.

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