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Web 3 Movers: UK Royalty Grace CONFETTI Red Carpet BAFTA Premiere




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Key Insights

  • The Movie, CONFETTI is based on writer and director, Ann hu’s own life.
  • According to movie reviews, Hu has managed to show the beauty of human connections through the film. 
  • She has also expanded the CONFETTI message to the web3 world via a series of NFTs.

London’s Princess Ann Theater was studded with stars at the exclusive red carpet BAFTA premiere of Ann Hu’s film, CONFETTI.

Voice of crypto, VOC, BAFTA,

Snapshots from the event

As per reviews, Hu has managed to show the beauty of human connection through the film. The independent film, CONFETTI is based on the story of courage and compassion while combining web 3 technology.

Snapshots from the event

The UK premiere of the movie was graced by a host of royals, celebrities and local web3 influencers, including royals like Her Majesty Queen Diambi Kabatusuila (the traditional queen of the Bakwa Luntu tribe in the historic Kingdom of Luba), Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrice (the elder daughter of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and Sarah, Duchess of York), His Highness Sheikh Hamad (a member of the ruling Al Thani Qatari royal family), and the Right Honorable Matt Hancock MP (the UK’s former Secretary of State for Health and Social Care from 2018 to 2021).

VOC, Voice of crypto, Writer and Confetti Director, Ann Hu, Lead Actress Harmony He, and Microsoft-word Spell Checking-Function Developer, Alan Boyd 

Writer and Confetti Director, Ann Hu, Lead Actress Harmony He, and Microsoft-word Spell Checking-Function Developer, Alan Boyd | Source: Deya Demerdzhieva/LinkedIn

Ann Hu’s NFT Collection

130 of the 200 complimentary CONFETTI NFTs that were distributed to BAFTA guests in the event’s attendance have already been collected so far.

Hu also intends to host events across the globe to raise awareness of dyslexia through her web3-driven global campaign. She wants to encourage open discussion about dyslexia and draw attention to the special talents that many dyslexic people possess.

When Hu was asked why she decided to create an NFT collection for the film, she mentioned that she has come to realize that NFTs are a fantastic tool for filmmakers to use to promote their movies.

She also added that The London web3 community urged her to promote CONFETTI using blockchain technology. As the movie is promoted alongside the dyslexia community around the world, she realized that an NFT supported by a human story through a potent film has so much to offer.

Hu adds that something like this can give people an opportunity to connect to the movie’s important message.

This realization, according to Hu, came with the launch of the CONFETTI NFT collection. She also added that owners of the NFTs will have access not only to events, content, and filmmaking knowledge but also will also serve as a means of access to services for the dyslexic community.


Confetti and Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a “not so common” learning tendency that affects about 780 million people worldwide. Earlier this month, Ann Hu spoke with Grit Daily about the myths surrounding dyslexia.

In her words, the general public’s knowledge and perception of dyslexia are completely incorrect. She says that dyslexia is not a disability, and is unrelated to a person’s intelligence.

However, a better understanding of what Hu means when she speaks about dyslexia can be gotten directly from the movie itself. Hu’s film tickets can be purchased from the movie website, and an NFT can also be purchased as well from the NFT site.

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