Free Crypto! ZK Sync Airdoping Over 3.7 Billion Tokens Starting Next Week

The airdrop was 17.5% of the total token supply and was aimed at starting a lively community for the ZK Sync Era.
Free Crypto! ZK Sync Airdoping Over 3.7 Billion Tokens Starting Next Week

Key Insights:

  • ZK Sync to conduct one of the biggest airdrops ever dropping over 3.7 billion tokens.

  • Estimated to worth $0.66 per token, the airdrop was focused at starting a lively community.

  • An unique aspect of the airdrop was the weeding out of bot driven wallets and preference to human participants.

  • However, tokenomics also shows that an almost equal value was reserved for investors.

ZK Sync is about to drop one of the largest airdrops till date. The airdrop will distribute 3.7 billion tokens constituting 17.5% of the ZK Sync's total token supply of 21 billion.

Users can claim their tokens starting next week and would be allowed to do so until 3 Jan 2025.

According to early estimates, the price of each token could be around $0.66 which puts the value of airdropped tokens at $1.12 billion.

The intention of the airdrop was to encourage people to take part in community governance. The CEO of Matter Labs, Alex Gluchowski said that the airdrop was thought of as a community airdrop and they soon expect receivers to take part in the governance.

To ensure a greater participation in community governance, there was a cap of 100k tokens per wallet. Gluchowski said that this limit ensured the airdorop was a community first airdop and not a whale first airdrop.

The CEO said he was positive that no community uproar will take place as a result of this step.

Tokens airdropped by ZK Sync would be locked for the first year and would be unlocked over a three year period starting from 2025 and ending in 2028.

Human Operated Wallets were Given Preference

Around 695,232 wallets have already been selected for the airdrop through criteria which included transacting on the ZK Sync Era mainnet. The winners of the drop were mostly chosen from human operated wallets.

This was necessary as several developers have been using AI and other tools to maximize their airdrop chances.

Alex Gluchowski, the CEO of Matter Labs, mentioned that those wallets controlled by bots would not receive much as a protocol to de-prioritize them was in place.

However, Gluchowski said that eventually some tokens would be airdropped to bot-operated wallets but such tokens would be at a minimum.

Tokenomics of ZK Sync Era

The airdrop represents 17.5% of the token supply and represent 3.7 billion tokens. Among them the 89% of the tokens would be dropped to users, 5.8% to native projects, 2.8% to on-chain communities and 2.4% to builders.

16% of the total token or 3.36 billion tokens have been awarded to the ZK Sync Era team.

Ecosystem initiatives will receive 19.9% of the token supply or 4.18 billion tokens.

17.2% of the total token supply i.e., 3.6 billion tokens would be awarded to investors in the project.

The largest chunk i.e., 29.3% of token supply or 6.153 billion tokens were reserved for "Token Assembly".

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