VOC HotShots: Top Personalities From the Web3, Crypto and Blockchain Space

Voice Of Crypto brings you a hand-picked list of the Top 2022 personalities in the Crypto, Web3 and Blockchain space.
The Voice Of Crypto team has acknowledged the top personalities in this space, finding names from the deepest waters of the Web3 world. We have come up with the most influential, artistic, analytical, and innovative brains to be featured in this comprehensive list of people who shaped the industry in the eventful year that was 2022.

These personalities dominated the news cycles in 2022. We expect these masterminds to continue risking fortune, time and opportunity to further the crypto industry in 2023.

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Adrian Hetman

Adrian is a really creative individual. His drive to find answers for ongoing progress and enthusiasm for overcoming challenges are unusual. He is also a blockchain enthusiast.


Is an analyst and ex-VC researcher who gives in-depth analysis and free research reports on the crypto space.


He is an analyst by profession and is presently working in studying blockchain and making it secured for all.


Is a web3 influencer.

Graph Protocol

Is the co-pilot and Chief of Staff of Graph Protocol.

alpha please

Is the Creator of Alpha Please and a renouned Crypto, DeFi and NFT researcher.

Antiprosynthesis.eth ⟠

He is an information asymmetry fighter, news aggregator, and Ethereum softcore developer.


He is totally into the cryptoworld and is enjoying this quieter crypto space.

Convergence Boy

He has gained entry to cryptoworld. A map of CryptoTwitter was created by him. He is attempting to understand what CT truly means and finds the cryptosphere to be pretty fascinating.

Cole South

He likes investing in early-stage startups and assisting others in building their enterprises in addition to my e-commerce business. He contributes to coins.fyi and is engaged in the cryptocurrency community.