India’s Goods and services Tax Council Considers a 28% tax on Bitcoin

India’s Goods and services Tax Council Considers a 28% tax on Bitcoin

Taxation on cryptocurrency is new method countries have adapted to add to their revenue and generate income from the government. While many developed and developing countries are looking at this economic sector to boost their GDP, India has decided to follow suit.

According to the local news reportage the GST Council of India is likely to consider imposing 28% Goods and Services Tax on cryptocurrencies. This trending news come on board from the GST council (Goods and Services task council), a top-notch and high-ranking decision-making body on indirect taxes in India.

Legally, the council has set up a committee. Although the date for this decisive meeting has not been fixed, the report shows it is as soon as possible. The GST will receive a proposal for approval; if this should pull through, charging the 28% GST on services and other cryptocurrency activities will be consented to be implemented into the laws in India. 

In recent editing of the virtual digital asset law, a 30% tax on the earnings from cryptocurrencies and other digital assets was proposed in the Union Budget 2022, reported by the finance minister, Nirmala Sitharaman. This passed law explicitly states that except for the cost of purchasing these assets, no deduction or losses will be allowed to offset profits. 

Positioning Crypto in India: a question of ambiguity

Wwhile the world is fast in moving and turning to cryptocurrencies, the status of how these transactions are made and what they depict is still quite unclear. The legal status of these assets is being questioned because I like popular markets such as the stock-exchange market.

The call of cryptocurrency is not entirely transparent. Recent arguments from investors are on the Union Budget tax plan on cryptocurrencies and how the legalization of crypto-trading comes to play. Controversies surrounding the taxation of trading question its legitimacy.

According to a report by the Finance minister, Nirmala Sitharama, these issues are of great concern and are still being reviewed by the panel. Sources indicated that the GST Council might propose the elimination of about a 5% slap of the assets and transferring certain mass-market products to 3% or 8% of their current value.

Aside from these issues, the council is seeking the opinion of the state on the rising rates of specific cryptocurrencies. 

To Wrap it up

From reports that shows a possibility of a GST hike over the next period of years and minimization of slabs; as a result, there will be a rise in taxation. 

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