How To Find Market Tops And Bottoms With Onchain Indicators

Bitcoin has been a very volatile asset since the year of its inception

This comes with its cyclical nature of boom and bust cycles

many analysts have developed and tested a multitude of onchain indicators that tell the market’s top and bottoms

The core of such various indicators is being branched out through various complexities, from simple moving averages to momentum oscillators and on-chain signals

Bitcoin Investor Tool,  the investor tool that helps define cyclical tops and bottom for long periods. This tool uses two simple moving averages to calculate the over and undervaluation of markets

Bitcoin Top Cap Model, This one is calculated by multiplying the Average cap by a factor of 35

The Onchain Pi-Cycle Top Model, The Pi Cycle Top, created by Philip Swift, works by contrasting the momentum of two moving averages

The Onchain Mayer Multiple, It is a calculation between the price and the 200-day moving average